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Bruno Compagnet Black Crows Ski

Black Crows, coming soon?

Published in Video
Giovedì, 22 Gennaio 2015

Incredibile video by Black Crows con il mitico Bruno Compagnet che risolve il problema della mancanza di neve con un elegante quanto radicale sciata "fuoripista".

director luc janin 
cast bruno compagnet
director of photography joe cook
producers camille jaccoux and luc janin
production assistant julien regnier + mai ikuzawa + layla jean kerley
music + sound design jean-gabriel becker
editor ben boullier
colorist mark horrobin
title design yorgo&co
thanks to pulse films

dal sito

The road that he had been on for several days was now only host to long sand snakes, slithering to the rhythm of a bad wind. All around the desert stretched out of sight, heading further and further west he would sometimes catch a glimpse of the pyramid of a mountain, which the overheated air animated with surreal ripples and which seemed to recoil as he approached. But it wasn't a mirage, of that he was certain, because those disappear at dusk or dawn and it was at these very moments that he could see it the best. After a night shivering under the stars, its imposing silhouette was perfectly outlined in the calm of the early morning, still radiating a trace of coolness and hope which would give him the strength to face another day in hell. Thirst didn't leave him, and the sweat which poured down his back had caused nasty inflammations which his too-heavy bag was rubbing against. But he continued to push forward, now following a small canyon where water must have flowed in former times. In the silence and under the midday sun, he started to lose ground, his mind was playing mean tricks on him, and he now not only felt like he was being watched but he was also certain that a white silhouette was following him...

He plants his ice axe in the summit of the mountain in a final push but his hopes and energy dissipate as he sees the desolate sight of a north face of stones and sand. Like the carcass of a dead animal, the grounds crust had been dried and stripped bare by the wind revealing long bands of white quartz which he had mistaken for snow. He looks far off towards the horizon, he sighs, lets go of his bag, gets out his ski boots and puts them on. He tightens the clips and this calming, mundane gesture does him good. He puts on his skis, eyeing up the slope and spines. And with that he gives a push on his poles.

By Bruno Compagnet

black crows, coming soon? black crows skis


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