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MAADMAUDE 2.2 - two point two

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Venerdì, 21 Novembre 2014

Secondo episodio della serie dedicata al grande ritorno di Maude.

"In between traveling & finishing rehab on my new knee, I spent some good times getting stronger on my skis in Colorado. I’m happy to call Breckenridge my home this season as Breck & Keystone park are always on point.

It has been a bit if a struggle to get my head clear again, & a lot of work to ski with ease and trust myself. Its quite a challenge to find the balance to link my head, body & filming all together & try to push it a little more everyday. I am glad to put out a little transition edit with the song I’ve had on repeat in my car & ear buds for a month straight haha! I’m in California now making an edit in the sun!

Keep it real,
Maude ♥ "

iona fulton
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