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Marco Zecchetto K2skis redbull

Marco Zecchetto

Published in Pro Skiers
Giovedì, 23 Ottobre 2014

Nome: Marco Zecchetto

Nazionalità: Italia

Nato il: 13 Novembre 1992

Nato a: Brunico (BZ)

Skier since: 2000 Home Mountain: Kronplatz Quote: It don´t matter where you live, just make shure to have fun. (Ian Compton)
Favorite films: Line Traveling Circus episodes, "Homeless" and "Labyrinth" (Wild Zoo Entertainment)

Sponsor: LINE Skis, FULL TILT.
Marco Zecchetto - flat 900Marco Zecchetto -

Labyrinth | Wild Zoo Entertainment | OFFICIAL TRAILER WZentertainment


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